Thursday, January 20, 2011

There can be only one (thinning the seedlings)

I wandered into the backyard this morning, pulling off my socks so they didn't get wet on the dewey grass. I've been putting off examing the trug and pots for a little while because I knew I was going to have to start thinning the herd, so to speak. I'd planted several seeds in each of the holes as directed and it seems as if all of them sprouted, so the less viable options need to be thinned out so one will have enough space to grow. When they're so small, though, it's tough trying to decide which is the strongest, the fittest, has the best chance of life. Once you've pulled out the unwanted ones, what do you do with them then? I was tempted to throw the cucumber plants into the grass along the back fence to see if something will take root, but those things grow quicker than weeds.

 One of the beetroot winners.
 The beetroot losers. Those little red stalks seem like such a waste lying there.
 One of the two basil winners. I think the pot's big just big enough for two. Was tempted to leave a third but would end up suffocating out the chives,which haven't made an appearance yet.
The basil losers.
One of three cucumber winners. Actually, probably one of two. The third, which I replanted seems to have shriveled in the heat of the day.
The cucumber losers. Interesting how big these suckers are given that all of these seeds were planted on the same day. Last year, half the crop was levelled by a week of 40 degree days, a quarter were touch-and-go but rallied, and the last quarter took off without looking back (some of last year's crop grace the blog banner). Here's hoping today's survivors start sending off the creeping tendrils soon and start inching their way up the support sticks I've put in beside them.

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