Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Walking through the evening

Strange to call it evening, given how light it still was, but it was late and still light when LH and I went walking through the neighbourhood.

The creek is still coffee brown and full, and further down is rushing over the man-made weirs. A few weeks ago it was clear enough to see the stones at the bottom and fish amongst the weeds. If the weather stays gentle for a while, it'll come clear again.

 The plastic bags and other detritus in the weeds and trees will probably stick around for much longer. Maybe someone will organise a group for Clean-Up Australia Day. I was surprised when they didn't last year, so perhaps they like to leave the debris as flood marker, as flags for remembrance.

 Love the forethought of cementing in the water bowl for the dogs that visit the little duck pond park. The tap sticks though and needs to be jiggled and twisted before the water turns off. Probably wastes more than it saves in the long run, but it's sweet, nonetheless.

 Back into the urban/suburban sprawl, where a tiny, greying, ankle-biting dog stood his ground for just a few seconds before giving way to LH's own growled warnings. We'd unknowingly walked into his little dead-end cul-de-sac and ran the brave little dog gauntlet twice, backtracking to a side street that would get us all the way home.

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