Thursday, February 10, 2011

After the storm

The torrents of water that got dumped in about an hour of the storm a few days ago flooded the roads, made cars float away and thoroughly saturated Lovely Husband on his way home from work. Our neighbourhood suffered its own destruction, although compared to other places, we got off fairly easy.
The public golf course lost some fences and has a hell of a mess to clean up. Several of the greens are now water traps.
 And then the path just disappears. This is one of the taller bridges along the creek and I have less than no clue what caused it to collapse.
These are the sheafs of bitumen (or asphalt?) that used to cover the footbridge. Now they're strewn up and down the creek, looking like abandoned carpet.
It'll take weeks for the smell of all this debris to fade. Here, at the kids' playground, there are still garlands of SES tape around the swings and the slide set. The council's work trucks have gouged tyre tracks all over the marshy grass. The mosquitos are lingering.

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