Friday, February 25, 2011

Two in the hand

 After several weeks of will they/won't they, two of the mini capsicum turned a distracting shade of orange and stayed that way, no further blush to hint at a red capsicum to follow.
Three others have stayed firmly green. What mixed-up little plants they are. The other plants seem to be doing well, although the beetroot is still straggling behind. I suspect they'll take off, come winter, and be a welcome burst of red and green when everything else has died back.
 The cucumber plants aren't growing quite as fast as the ones I had in pots on the balcony of our last home. Those shot up and out and pushed their pig-tailed tendrils around the stakes and into the window frames. I'm blaming the cooler weather and the lack of a proper summer growing season, but it may actually be the infestation on the underside of all the leaves. The little mites don't seem to be chewing at the plants, like whatever is eating my basil without asking, but perhaps they're stunting the cucumbers' growth.

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