Monday, March 28, 2011

Articles and applications

There's a little bit of writing madness hitting our house at the moment. I spent the weekend, apart from the jaunt to the hardware megastore, finishing off a magazine article due on Monday. For the next week or so, I'll buried in the mountain of paperwork for a research grant: pages and pages of immodest explanation and justification, and endless edits to hit the right tone for an overly educated but essentially generic audience.

I'm throwing my hat in for some government money, on the off chance that someone wants to pay me to do something for longer than a semester. What heaven it would be to know how I'll be paying my bills for the next three years. Although I'm joyous to have even the small amount of certainty I do now, living contract to contract is starting to wear thin, with the worry over next year's work now starting in March.

Photo Source: ARC logo from the website.

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