Thursday, April 14, 2011

52 Poems (week 5)

 Pablo Nerudo keeps popping up in my hunt for poetry. Trying to find the perfect poem, but it's late and the longer I take to choose, the less or the worse I'll end up choosing. So here's 'Sonnet XLII: I hunt for a sign of you', which is the first one I read. It's keeping me out of bed but worth the dark circled eyes in the morning.

I HUNT for a sign of you in all the others,
In the rapid undulant river of women,
Braids, shyly sinking eyes,
Light step that slices, sailing through the foam.

Suddenly I think I can make out your nails,
Oblong, quick, nieces of a cherry:
Then it's your hair that passes by, and I think
I see your image, a bonfire, burning in the water.

I searched, but no one else had your rhythms,
Your light, the shady day you brought from the forest;
Nobody had your tiny ears.

You are whole, exact, and everything you are is one,
And so I go along, with you I float along, loving
A wide Mississippi toward a feminine sea.
Photo Source: Poetry from Sephora's Beauty and the Blog

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