Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Detail oriented

I was sent a link to a Wall Street Journal profile, 'A Model Maker's Workshop', on Adam Savage's new home. The writing is fairly uninspiring and emotionless, but the slideshow fired the imagination. First, there's the library. I'm always a sucker for book porn and this is wall to wall books we're talking here. Then there's the kitchen. Heavenly. And the shot of his 'man-cave', his workshop several blocks from hom where he keeps his tools and many of the larger replicas, models and toys he's made or collected.

Surprisingly, the real kicker for me was the shot of his office, with a more subtle collection of his built and found models. In the article, it talks about a Grail Diary from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, which took Adam years to make. A prop maker by trade, he was essentially building a book from scratch, poring over the move, taking screenshots and making notes, sketches and maps. An impressive obsession. Even that, though, was secondary to the bookish deliciousness of Broom's Box.

The box is a prop used in the move Hellboy, seen only briefly in a few scenes. But the box was up for auction on ebay, selling off the movie set to fans one piece at a time. It's a gorgeous box, complete with books, reliquaries, bottles, carvings, pictures, crystals and all manner of bibs and bobs. Adam won the ebay auction and then set about trying to recreate the box's contents. As so began an epic geek-a-thon, calling on the Hive Mind via various discussion boards to help him find items that match. What he couldn't buy, he built or repaired himself, even filling the pages of the blank books based on screen shots.

 I'm inspired to head to ebay and find myself the beginnings of an obsession.

Photo Source: Screen shots and photo from Adam's MobileMe Gallery, 'Broom's Box'.

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