Friday, April 22, 2011

Hello Sailor!

Our lone cucumber of the season has finally popped out from under the furry leaves. It's not the only one; some of our carrots are starting to rear out of the soil, unearthing their orangey heads. As an uneducated gardener, I'm not altogether sure what this means or if it's a good sign. Are they ready to harvest? Is there a definicency in the soil? Is it too damp? Not enough sun? So fickle. Like the whole baby-making caper, sometimes it amazes me that anything manages to grow at all.

As with the baby-making, though, not all is well in the garden. Something's chomped its way through my baby broccoli. Little buggers. Might have to go back to the seeds on this one and start again.

Happily, the sweet-peas are thriving. I'm holding out hope that they survive the bugs, the winter and my carelessness. Love the smell of these suckers.

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