Saturday, April 23, 2011

New songs on a Saturday morning (61-70)

As part of my ongoing effort to improve the range of my cultural consumption, I'm casting out for new things to listen to. Parts one and two of this musical escapade can be found here and here. Parts three and four are over here and over here. Part five is here.

For my birthday, I asked Lovely Husband to make me some mix CDs from his music collection (don't worry, it's legal here in Australia to make mixes and to share your music with other people within your household. Luckily). For a man that listened to a lot of metal as a teenager, his collection is quite surprising, full of lovely ladies with wispy voices or power lungs like Adele and Florence. Here's a sample of the new stuff I hadn't heard before. Some of these are bluesy, some poppy, some folky, some electronic.

61. Nikki & Rich - 'Dreaming'
62. Gabriella Cilmi - 'Awkward Game'
63. Lisa Mitchell - 'Slow' - have to get through a few minutes of guff from the Today Show at the start of this clip.
64. Yael Naim - 'New Soul'
65. Emiliana Torrini - 'Today Has Been Okay'
66. Imogen Heap - 'Hide and Seek'
67. Oh Land - 'We Turn It Up'
68. Lenka - 'The Show' - come a long way since Cheez TV!
69. Ash Koley - 'Don't let you feet touch ground'
70.Ellie Goulding - 'Guns and Horses'

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