Wednesday, May 18, 2011

52 Poems (week 10)

I saw Shane Koyczan perform at the Sydney Writers' Festival, years ago, when his book/CD Visiting Hours was freshly released. He was my first slam-poet. He was the first poet I'd ever enjoyed out loud and in person: there was none of the nervous reading, none of the modest looks away at applause. He was a performer and he rocked it. Then I saw him again at the opening of the Canadian winter olympics and got goose-bumps as the crowd swelled with cheer. 'We Are More' gave me goose-bumps even when I heard the earlier pre-recorded performance, a love poem to a country, but it could be many countries, could be mine.

This is the 'new' poem, something I'd not read before today. Something that I found in a short post on his website. I'd love to hear this in his voice, with his accent, his inflections. It has it's own life on the page, but something more with his voice.

For the Woman …
For the woman that told me to fuck off after I told her she was beautiful:
It doesn’t matter that you are a horrible person. You are the reason that boys dream of becoming astronauts, so they can man the first mission to Pluto and carve an ice sculpture that resembles you. Then alien passers-by will know that our planet has its moments. Yes, the aliens will probably masturbate while thinking of you, then launch an invasion to capture you for their king. When you tell him to fuck off, the earth will be destroyed.
I only want to write poems.
'Visiting Hours' was the first and deserves to be heard in person. But the CD audio is almost as good. Here's the best I can manage with the postable media.

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