Friday, July 29, 2011

Lamenting the loss of pants

Okay, it's finally happened. At 17 weeks, I can no longer fit into most of my trousers. I feel like a fat man after a meal, continually having to pop open some buttons or snaps to release the gut. I did buy some maternity pants, which seemed great, and much better fitting. Problem is, I didn't try any of them sitting down while I was in the fitting room. So, although the belly band is super comfy over my belly, the tight band that sits underneath it to keep the pants up (or some semblance of us) digs right in where the bubs is currently residing. Not at all comfortable. So it's been skirts for most of the last week, and because it's been skirts, it's also been tights... pulled up until they're nearly under my armpits so they don't dig in. Time to find the maternity tights.

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