Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Neil Gaiman versus Stephen King

Neil Gaimon interviewed Stephen King. This almost sounds like a 'man-walks-into-a-bar' joke, but it's not. Although he doesn't 'do' journalism much anymore, Gaiman used this interview as an excuse to "drive across Florida back in February and spend a day with some very nice people I do not get to see enough." Who needs an excuse though when it's Stephen King. 

Here's what Gaiman wrote in the contributor's blurb (taken from his website, as are these pictures, which will link you back to the appropriate pages):

“I think the most important thing I learned from Stephen King I learned as a teenager, reading King's book of essays on horror and on writing, Danse Macabre. In there he points out that if you just write a page a day, just 300 words, at the end of a year you'd have a novel. It was immensely reassuring - suddenly something huge and impossible became strangely easy. As an adult, it's how I've written books I haven't had the time to write, like my children's novel Coraline.”

“Meeting Stephen King this time, the thing that struck me is how very comfortable he is with what he does. All the talk of retiring from writing, of quitting, the suggestions that maybe it's time to stop before he starts repeating himself, seems to be done. He likes writing, likes it more than anything else that he could be doing, and does not seem at all inclined to stop. Except perhaps at gunpoint.”

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