Sunday, June 17, 2012

Something New: Amatuer AFL (watch)

We are not a sporting people (no sport, no religion... my god, what is my boy going to believe in?!). But we do live in a sporting nation and, more particularly, an AFL city. AFL unites Melbourne like no other sport I've seen. Young, old, rich, poor, smart, dumb, kind and mean: come footy season they all seem to have something to talk about and do... with each other, with anyone, with strangers.

WATCH: Given we're raising the boy in a footy city, I suppose one of us is going to have to learn the rules, or at least learn to bear sitting on the sidelines and watching people play. At least it's not cricket: I wouldn't cope having to sit and watch boys in white stand about for hours on end. So we watched the local team play another from somewhere else, men with muddy knees trampling around the browned pitch and the ball bouncing from this end to the other. Not the most fun I've ever had but after 30 minutes in the freezing cold, some of it began to make sense.

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