Saturday, June 9, 2012

Something New: Caulfield Farmers Market/Magical Mystery Tour (go/eat/drive)


GO: Dear Boy and I braved the rainy weather and headed out to the Caulfield Farmers Market. I had it in mind to buy a new vegetable and a new fruit - things I'd never tasted before. Unfortunately, my timing was off and the market I thought shut at 2pm shut at 1, just as we arrived.  

EAT: The last stall standing was practically giving away cakes, so we caved and loaded up: chocolate & beetroot; mandarin and lemon; and date. Lovely Husband turned his nose up at the chocolate & beetroot but was convinced to try it. "It's not bad - I can't taste any dirt at all". It pretty much just tasted of chocolate, which isn't really such a tragedy. The date was as expected. The mandarin and lemon a revelation. That smooth, glossy icing was heaven and the cake itself moist and rife with summer. Okay, I know mandarins aren't a summer fruit, but the citrus-ness was summer all over. 

DRIVE: With Dear Boy falling asleep, I loaded him back into the car and I entertained myself with a magically mystery tour of the suburbs while he snoozed in his car seat.  

Because of the sleeping boy, my lunch options were limited, so I drove through the most absurd McDonalds drive-thru, bridged by the kiddie playground. I can't imagine it's safe - how does one extricate a recalcitrant child or rescue one that's fallen to the bottom? The McDonalds staff got my order wrong and my fries were cold, so the naughtiness of the whole affair was fairly much ruined. 

After a disappointing lunch, I drove past these magnificent walls in outer suburbia, circling blocks to come back and take pictures. Magical mystery tour indeed.

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