Monday, June 11, 2012

Something New: Clean house and a baby pumpkin (do/eat)

EAT: I picked up this baby pumpkin when we were shopping yesterday. They are the cutest when raw and whole and finally tempted me to add one to the trolley. I should have taken a picture of Dear Boy holding it before I roasted it whole, but he was sleeping when I put it into the oven. It slow-cooked for an hour and a half and when it was done, I sliced off the 'lid' and tasted it as is. Okay, so it's not my favourite pumpkin - I am a butternut girl through and through - but the cuteness factor might make me buy them again. I've scooped out the rest of the flesh and mashed it for Dear Boy. That's tomorrow's lunch, right there.

DO: While the pumpkin was roasting and the boy was sleeping, I decided enough was enough and the house of pestilence and mess needed a clean. I've cleaned the house before, that's not really new, but I haven't cleaned it top to bottom in one go since Dear Boy's been here. It was actually an interesting experiment.

Loud noises normally bother my boy so I turned on the vacuum cleaner and started vacuuming with him balanced on one of my hips, chatting and singing. When he grew sleepy, I left it running outside his door so once he fell asleep, I could keep going. Worked a treat.

So I vacuumed behind and under and around and up and down; I dusted; I folded; I shifted; I turned my fingers into prunes. And an hour and a half later, the house was clean and Dear Boy awake and chatterboxing, ready to mess it up again.

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