Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Something New: Dear Boy's Playlist (make)

At night, Dear Boy listens to a noise machine, with waves gently drawing back and crashing a few feet from his little head. Some nights we shake it up and play him rain, crickets, trickling creeks or rainforest birds, but mainly it's waves crashing. Until we finally took him to the beach, I wondered if he'd simply fall asleep the moment he saw it in 'real life'.

For his day sleeps, I've been playing lullaby CDs and have been quite disappointed with the classical music range offered at the local library. Most of these classic lullaby songs build into quite dramatic moments and I can hear Dear Boy surfacing from his sleep as the songs reach their peak. 

We've had a copy of the Rockabye Baby: Beatles CD for some time now and it's played on repeat several times a day. As much as I love the fact that the opening bars of 'Yesterday' make his little body relax, it's time to introduce something new.

MAKE: I decided to download (legally) a new collection, starting with the Rockabye albums and going from there. I am loving the Bob Marley, while Lovely Husband has been chuckling and singing along when I checked the Nirvana .mp3s. They're all a little tinkly, Muzak style but it's enough to be able to recognise the tunes and whisper along instead of shhh-shhhing.

Eventually I'll make an upbeat playlist for when I want him to stay awake, but for now, I'm loading these sleepy tracks onto my phone so I can bring them with me when we travel.

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