Saturday, June 2, 2012

Something New: Oasis Bakery (go/eat)

Hmmm. I think there might be a goaing and eating theme developing here.

GO: The Oasis Bakery is a little piece of Lebanese (and more broadly Middle Eastern) heaven in the middle of the 'burbs. We've been there before but this morning Lovely Husband, Dear Boy and I undertook the epic stroll to get there for the first time. It took about an hour and there weren't any seats available when we arrived. So we wound our way through the supermarket instead, quickly filling a shopping basket with goodies, some new, some deliciously old-hand. We picked up Turkish bread, Za'atar, lime curd, falafel, hummous, haloumi pies, fruit leather and some decidedly un-Middle Eastern black beans in a tin. I could spend at least an hour poring over the massive spice racks.

EAT: The new food we picked up are the falafel chips, orange flavoured Turkish delight, wild figs and Madagascan chocolate in three different flavours: exotic pepper (with tsiperifery pepper); sea salt & nibs; and pink pepper & citrus (with combava fruit). The verdict after putting together a small tasting plate: falafel chips are corn-chip texture but actually taste like falafel - awesome with hummous; wild figs are tasty but a very strange texture - crunchy on the outside, unlike a regular dried fig; orange-flavoured Turkish delight was not as orange-y as I'd hoped - certainly doesn't compare to the intensity of traditional rose; chocolate in various flavours was a mixed bag - loved the salt but not the pepper (although I do like pepper normally).

Here's some of the chocolate we DIDN'T buy. I'm loving the new-old packaging.


I also love it when the copywriters for packaging entertain themselves.

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