Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cooking with Chocolate

Lovely Husband made stew last night, stew with beef and beer and orange juice and chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. This is the bottom of the stew-pot after we all went back for seconds but the picture really doesn't do justice to the glossy brown colour or the melody of flavours or the heady, heady scent in my kitchen.

Lovely Husband has taken up the responsibility for almost all of the cooking since Dear Boy was born, because from 4 until 7pm, I'm flat out and from 7pm, I'm usually zonked. Perhaps it's my organisational skills, and I know I should really be more fluid about our family life, but Dear Boy just seems to do well on the routine we have.

  • 4-5:30pm: Dear Boy and I stroll and sometimes he snoozes... or we hang out at home and he requires some intensive parenting during this time... or sometimes he snoozes. But he if sleeps after 5pm, it's game-on for crabby boy when we try and put him down later.
  • 5:30pm: Dear Boy's dinner while I try and clean and clear the kitchen. He starts with a Vegemite toast appetizer then moves onto rice cereal, veggie mash and fruit mush.
  • 6pm: Bath-time, where Dear Boy has discovered splashing and sliding around the tub cracks him up.
  • 6:25pm: Five minutes of telly, while I wrestle Dear Boy into his pajamas and sleeping bag. His little face lights up when he hears Jimmy Giggle's voice. 
  • 6:30pm: Reading stories, laying side by side on the playmat.
  • 6:45pm: Last bottle of the day
  • 7pm: Dear Boy to bed.

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