Monday, July 2, 2012

Dear Boy (6 months)

Dear Boy,

You are six months old today. And boy, my boy, you are a charmer. After strangers have remarked on your size and the rolls of your chubbsy thighs, they exclaim over your cuteness, your dark eyes, your cheeky smile, your sunny, laidback nature. Yes, you're a shrieker and can grizzle with the best of them when you're tired, but you're such a lovely, lovely boy.

You're slowly munching your way through the fruit and vegie section of the supermarket. In the fridge at the moment we have an orange mash (with potato, sweet potato, pumpkin and carrots) and a green mush (with spinach, broccoli, peas, zucchini and apple). You're still having a love affair with your Bellamy's rice cereal (which I swear tastes like custard) but you're also mixing it up with baby porridge, rusks and toast. I think there's cheese in your near future, Dear Boy. We're just not all together sure what to do with it.

You are sitting (very briefly) although you love the view of the world from an upright position. You certainly look different when you sit - I call you my vertical boy, because your face changes from the horizontal one I'm used to. You seem different, older but less sure of yourself. That's probably just the wobbles though.

Today, on your half birthday, you rolled a few times from your back to your front. I've been a bit worried that you weren't mastering this one, that you don't seem any closer to rolling across distances or crawling, but you'll get there. I'm sure all the big boys have the same trouble shifting their weight around to begin with. You started doing your new rolling trick after a game of Mama Mountineering, where you wriggle and smoodge and flop and pretzel your way around my lap, my shoulder, in and out of my arms. So I lay you down on a mountain of cushions on the floor and let you have at it. If your head is slightly elevated you can flip yourself over no worries. It may take a little longer on the flat floor but I can wait. There's plenty of time, my Dear Boy.

So don't rush to grow up so fast. I can't believe you're halfway to a year old.

Love, as always,

Your Mum.

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