Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hello childcare; goodbye SAHM

It begins tomorrow. Dear Boy's bags, clothes, bottles, toys, towels and bits and pieces are labelled and ready to go. I spent an hour trying to find a sunhat for him today. In the middle of winter. One store had them but only for 1-3 year olds - and as big as my boy is, his head isn't that big yet. His clothes are laid out and there are spares packed. I've typed up a list of the foods he's tried and packed a new tin of formula.

He's off to childcare tomorrow for the first time. We're easing in this week, easing us both in, with half days.

I feel much more confident about leaving him after meeting one of his carers two weeks ago. R was lovely, sitting cross-legged on the floor with a baby crawling over her lap and another kicking his legs in the air beside her. I also felt good knowing the staff-to-children ratios in the nursery were so good. I think the regulatory max is 4-1, but here it was 3-1. More time for my boy to bat his lashes for cuddles and to have his cheeks smoodged by all and sundry (those cheeks are highly smoodgeable).

So tomorrow morning, we'll go and hang his bag on his peg, put his bits in his cubby-hole and his bottles in the fridge, and lay him in someone else's arms and walk away. Okay, maybe we'll stick around for a little while for his first time, play with him on the floor or even put him to bed in the unfamiliar cot room. I'm still just a little nervous about it all.

I'm going to try not to take it all out on the IT guy I'm meeting at work at 10.

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