Friday, July 27, 2012

Little Loves

In the spirit of Inked in Colour's Little Loves, we've had some favourites in our house this week.

1. We have several pairs of Babylegs leg warmers and they're starting to get a workout now that Dear Boy is more mobile and it's quite cold. Rather than hampering his movement with onesies or bulky pants, I can put him in a long-sleeved bodysuit and let him rock a pair of these suckers. We have these awesome guitar pair as well as black with coloured stripes, dinosaurs and a lovely green striped pair.

2. I picked up this Little Tikes noisy hammer on sale at Toys R Us, thinking it might distract him for a little while but it's been one of his go-to toys this week. It's amazing watching him shake and bash it to get the sounds to play and the lights to flash. It seems to have really developed his idea of cause and effect - that he can make something happen - more than any other toy we've come across so far.

3. Sandra Boyton is always a winner in our house but these two books are this week's bedtime stories because they have a lot of animal noises. My rhinoceros snort and snuff needs some work but I'm now multi-lingual in 'dog'.

4. Hello protein and hello sleeping through the night for the first time in many, many weeks. Dear Boy loves this Greek-style natural yoghurt. I was expecting a screwed up face the first time he tried but it seemed more like a revelation to him. He'll now gulp down whole pots of this by itself or mixed with a little mashed banana or pureed apple.

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