Sunday, August 12, 2012


I liked the idea of Jen Loves Kev's 'currently' posts (based in turn on Sometimes Sweet's 'currently' series). So here's mine.

Watching: The really crappy Nine Network coverage of the Olympics. Can't believe they play exactly the same thing on both Nine and Gem. They're repeating things three or four times and then skipping coverage of so many events to be able to have stupid non-sports-related Leila McKinnon babble about crap all every morning. The British guy they have on the Gold program is just far to awkward - give the man a desk or a chair or something. Okay, I'll get over it.

Reading: John Grogan's Marley & Me for my bookgroup. It was a choice between that or The Lovely Bones and I'm very firmly not reading about murdered kids. I'm guessing the dog dies in this one but that's less traumatic for me at the moment. James Patterson's 11th Hour is waiting for when I finish the dog book.

Listening: To everything I can find. I'm coming late to spotify and I still don't really 'get' it, but I'm messing around in there somewhere.

Thinking about: Getting more sleep. This of course requires that Dear Boy sleeps through, which requires that he eats and drinks enough during the day. Which he isn't. So the sleep thing is a pipe dream, really.

Anticipating: Summer. C'mon already. I'm longing for laying on warm towels on crispy grass; for Dear Boy to be scooting round in the nude or with bare legs; for swimming and not freezing; for eating outside; for a tan; for the beach; for the smell of sunscreen; for Christmas and morning swims at the beach and late afternoon swims in the creek, for Dear Boy's first birthday, which we'll be having in the country.

Working on: Marking. Created a rod for my own back by making my students do a homework quiz before coming to class. This was meant to encourage them to do the required readings. Instead, it's just driving me bonkers.

Eating: Salad with strawberries and Swiss cheese. Love it when Lovely Husband adds surprise fruit to dinner meals.

Planning: Christmas stockings! The Christmas fabric is out already in the craft store. I'm thinking Mama, Dad and Dear Boy stockings for the mantelpiece. I know it's early but it might take me that long to get them all finished.

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