Friday, August 31, 2012


I liked the idea of Jen Loves Kev's 'currently' posts (based in turn on Sometimes Sweet's 'currently' series). So here's mine.

Watching: Dear Boy playing under the table. He's having a clingy, whingey day and only the new or unusual is keeping him entertained.

Reading: Nothing! I returned my recent stash of library books only half or un-read. Nothing was really leaping out at me, making me want to invest my very limited free time on it. Now I'm mooning round my own shelves trying to sense what I might like to re-read.

Listening: To Dear Boy blowing raspberries. I really should turn the radio on.

Thinking about: Going for a long walk after his nap. I have a cold at the moment and haven't been able to exercise very well. But the sun is shining and a stroll along the creek sounds good to me.

Working on: Marking. Essays from both my undergrad and postgrad classes have come in. I made them digital-submissions only to avoid the flurries of paper, but some have still printed them off and handed them in at the different campus offices.

Eating: There's a little jar of black olive tapenade in the cupboard that I'll be cracking open at lunch.

Planning: A trip up north to talk to a kindly professor about a research grant.

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