Thursday, September 20, 2012

Four week mini-milestone (12wbt)

Four weeks marks the first of the 12 week program's mini-milestones. We're a third of the way through - so it's time to assess, adjust and keep moving forward. I've never been a big goal-oriented person - sure I've made lists, new years' resolutions or had big deadlines but, with a few notable exceptions, these things often just fell by the wayside. This time I think I've done fairly well - I set up some steps to achieve these goals and worked/plodded/sweated my way towards them.

Mini goals:
  • Lose 4 kg (be able to wear my wedding ring again)  
  • Be able to run for 10 minutes non-stop 
  • Do a 1 minute plank on toes 
  • Loosen my hamstring muscles
Done, done and done... aaaaand sort of done: hit the 4kg mark at today's weigh-in; ran for 30 minutes (and achieved my three-month goal early!) on Monday evening; stayed up on my toes for 75 seconds doing Saturday's planks; and I've been doing pilates and extra hamstring stretches but those suckers are pretty tight - I've made a little progress but it's going to take a while to get them limber.

Weight: down 4kg
Measurements: 11cm lost all up (4 off the hips - hello pre-pregnancy pants!)

Fitness test:
Run: 6:05min (I can't believe this exactly the same as four weeks ago - I take some comfort knowing I can run for far longer than I used to. Next time, I'll get the speed)
Push-ups: 36 (up 13)
Sit reach: 3cm (up 1cm)
Wall sit: 2mins (up 52 secs - a 78% improvement)
Ab stage: level 2 (up from level 1)

All up it looks like I'm track for my 12 week goals; I've even hit some already. Time to go back and tighten them up, set the goal posts just a little further.

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