Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dear Boy's favourites

I'm not sure any of these need explaining but for some reason Dear Boy has taken to anything that doesn't look like a toy this week. Because we can't just let him chew on the remote controls, he's had some mama-hack toys to keep the peace. He's completely fascinated by the egg-carton, all those bumps and grooves and strange texture. The cardboard tube is about to be turfed now he's finally gummed it down and managed to get pieces off it. Before then, he was happily bashing it on the empty formula tin, the egg carton, his head, the heater, the coffee table. Lovely Husband's hoodie strings have also been sacrificed to the cause. Dear Boy loves him some string/laces, chomping on those suckers and pointing very delicately at the plastic tips. The last are home-made rattles - bits and pieces crammed into old coke bottles, pearl barley taped into a clear teat-case and penne pasta in an old bottle. Noisy, easy to grip. Loves them.

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