Saturday, October 6, 2012

The challenging bits (12WBT)

With going away and then having a lingering cold ramp up into a secondary infection, I've been having some trouble being 100% faithful to the 12WBT programme. The food aspect is still under control - although there was some extra snacking that accompanied all the visiting and catching up while we were away. I want it on the record that I ordered herbal tea at several cafes, though. But the exercise has fallen by the wayside.

Away from my gym, and away from home, and away from my regular routine, I did fit in a few walks (up some awesome hills) but certainly nothing hard-core for over an hour, six days a week. And this week, with the cold and the pounding head and the antibiotics and the weary body and the snuffly, chesty baby - I've not had anything left to give to the gym.

This changes on Sunday. By then, I'm hoping the drugs will be doing their thing and I can just labour on despite all the rest. Fingers crossed.

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