Friday, November 30, 2012

Making Christmas Cheer Project

Lovely Husband and I declared last Christmas the worst in our collective history so I'm determined that this one, Dear Boy's first, be much more festive. Being the children of broken (and many-time repaired) homes, we celebrate the season in several parts. Christmas part one this year will be a celebration with the southerners on the 15th, then we fly north to Mama's house on the 22nd and motor on up to the plateau on the 29th to do Christmas part three and to celebrate Dear Boy's first birthday with his Grandad and as many little kids as we can muster the day after New Years.

So until we fly away on the 22nd, I'm going to be adding a little Christmas to each and every day (I've added a special Christmas section to my 'Before I Go' page. We'll be decorating and making and seeing and admiring and listening and sharing and oohing and aahing. There are plenty of free local events, festivals, concerts and streets full of lights to keep us entertained as well as things we can do at home. Because this is also going to be a broke-ass Christmas, I'm making presents for all the nieces and nephews and assorted kidlet relatives. And instead of giving away my money to house & garden stores, I'll be making a little stash of decorations to supplement the ones we have already and to give away to some of the adults who are kind enough to drive us around and let us stay in their homes while we're away. There may also be some baking and the consumption of a metric crap tonne of Christmas deliciousness. In the meantime, I'm stitching up a storm and planning our first adventure tomorrow.

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