Thursday, November 22, 2012

Not succumbing to the 'want, want, want' of Pinterest

I know I've joined Pinterest late in the game. But it's now got me suckered into using a lot of my meager time and brain space, pinning pictures and ideas left, right and centre. There's something about this site that gets me, in the same way that a lolly shop, a gift registry, a restaurant menu gets me: I'll take that and that and that and that... My eyes want, want, want; my arms become laden with stuff, and my wallet and bank balance groan. Common sense normally prevails. I put things back on shelves, I unclick the books from my shopping cart, I choose the sensible meal. But what's the harm of pinning so much stuff, really?

For me, there's plenty of harm, usually of the green-eyed and then rapidly depressed kind. When I see pictures of places I'd love to travel to, expensive gifts I'd like to give, elaborate parties I'd like to host, I am stuffed to the gills with inspiration. But reality has that way it does of intruding. I want to fill a suitcase full of present for Dear Boy and the family this year but we can't afford much of anything at the moment and are unlikely to in the near future. I like to do crafty things, but we don't have a sewing machine (nor can I use one). I like to cook but don't have a hell of a lot of time to make something fancy. When I can't have, hold, see or do, I have a tendency to fall into a funk (sometimes there's some very grown-up foot-stamping). So I'm trying to rein myself in, keep my 'wants' a little more realistic, or at least a little more instep with my needs, my time, my budget and my abilities (see if I'm actually achieving that here).

So tropical holidays on white, sandy beaches are far, far away. But we're having a beachy, family holiday this Christmas in a place plenty of people would love to visit. I have a craft box full of fabric scraps that are currently being turned into toys and gifts. I have store-cupboard ingredients that lay idle for most of the year that are being turned into treats. Middle Brother Mountain is visiting in mid-December so we're loading presents into his shiny, red Commodore for the trip back North.

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