Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December 12: Christmas cards

I wasn't going to do Christmas cards this year. Generally I buy a pack and send them away to all those we don't see over the festive season. But this year, I refrained. And then a few cards came trickling in and I bought one or two reciprocal cards. And then I realised I should send one to that person. Oh, and that person. And I'd totally forgotten about this group of people I'll be seeing next week...

And so today I did the Christmas cards. In between frantic stitching of presents that I need to take to the post office tomorrow to make sure they arrive before children go off to their non-custodial parents and various adults begin their own summer pilgrimages to see family and friends. In between visiting a friend and picking up the boy and extra vegetables for dinner. In between looking around the house at the cacophony of unfolded laundry and breakfast dishes and unmade beds and un-vacuumed floors.

Then I remembered: it's Christmas. Relax.

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