Thursday, December 20, 2012

December 20: Packing, wrapping and posting

While the boy was in child-care today, I wrapped the last minute presents and made two trips to the post office to send off the ones for the people we won't be seeing in person. Just one pressie dilemma left - will we be able to fit that big one into one of these two suitcases?

I started our packing today too, just to give myself enough time to do another load or two or washing of anything we'd want to take. Probably comes as no surprise that there's always a pile of washing to do in our house... and I'm really not above packing dirty clothes that we can wash while we're away... but there's just something nice about a suitcase of freshly washed clothes, just waiting for awesome holiday weather to wear.

I've also packed a few little bits and pieces for Dear Boy's first birthday party, which we'll be having up on the plateau in the New Year. Only a few balloons and old-fashioned blowers - just enough to get the party started.

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