Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December 4: Anticipating summer and finishing the first batch of presents

It was 18 degrees today; too cold and rainy to head into town and look at Christmas windows like I had planned. So instead, Dear Boy and I motored down towards the bay and braved the strange megopolis that is South Gate/Land/Ville/Hood... whatever it's called, it's big, it's awkward and full of shops. Dear Boy and I both needed new clothes - me for summer and our holidays (I'm attempting to wear less black) and him for days like this when it's typically Melbourne. He's grown out of all his long pants and trackies, but he's also just sized up out of normal baby clothes. But huzzah for Big W and their generically awesome kids clothes - found the rarest of the rare: size 2 onesies and size 2 boys leggings. Poor Dear Boy was having trouble crawling in normal size 2 shorts and pants - too stiff, not enough give.

For me, I finally found a pair of shorts that aren't of a mumsy length and don't make me look like mutton dressed as lamb. I found skirts that fit. I found a t-shirt in navy blue that didn't come with a hideous print. Huzzah all round really.

Now we just need the weather to match it.

When we got home, Dear Boy busied himself with banging on the fly screen door and I got to stitching, working my way through the last of this first batch of dolls for my nieces and nephew. I still have a few more to make for the other side's nieces and nephews but I have more time for that. Before I get onto those, I have mustaches and beards to make.

Just ignore the seriously crap-tacular stitching on that one. 

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