Monday, March 11, 2013

Moments in the World: A list of links

I have been wandering around the internet instead of doing lots of things, and to fill in the time when all those other things are done. These are some of the places where I stopped for a moment, or for several moments, and found something worth sharing.

1. The Verge has been doing some weird and wonderful things. NIN's 'Head Like A Hole' mashed with 'Call Me Maybe' is an abomination that you can't un-hear. But for some reason, you won't want to. This article by Trent Wolbe is also a treasure. It's 'The Complete Idiot's Guide to Appreciating Carly Rae Jepsen's For Dummies Maybe': I'm not altogether sure it's as tongue-in-cheek as the title.

2. Inked in Colour's 'Aesthetics of Maternity' made my cheeks flame with self-recognition. I am guilty, guilty, guilty of doing this on occasion. But it's never, ever been satisfying. It hit with a vengeance in the first few months of the boy's life when my stroller wasn't flash enough and his toys were old and his clothes were plain. Now, I see how all the expensive fancies in the world can't make some mamas happy... or good mamas.

3. Nora Ephron's son, Jacob Bernstein, wrote this piece about his mother. It's funny and insightful and heartbreakingly sad. It's full of little stories and glimpses into his mother's world that make me want to run away and write. 

This line almost cut me down to the bone: "When I arrived in her room, my mother was crying. She cried a lot that first night, and then, the next day, she cried some more because she was certain Christopher Hitchens had done no such thing, and she was devastated at the thought that she might not be as brave as him about death."

This one did: "On this day, I told her some things. After she moved to her bed, I said that sometimes, I thought of the possibility of her not being around and wondered if I’d ever be able to write again. If I’d even want to. And she told me that I would, that I would find it within me, and that whatever happened, she hoped my brother and I would lead the kind of lives where we did stuff big enough to occasionally say, 'Wow, I wish Mom was around for this.'"

4. I spent a lot of time on trains as a young traveller. The kinds of moments in the world  and character snippets in 'How to spend 47 hours on a train and not go crazy' make me want to go and do it all again. Except with more leg room.

5. Adam Savage tweeted about this tangle of legal mumbo jumbo for writers. As ever, content producers get shafted.

6. Joss Weddon’s new version of Much Ado About Nothing is a black and white feast with all his favourite actors as guests. It's like a grown-up version of Romeo and Juliet for the folks who watched Buffy and Firefly when they first aired on TV.

7. I saw Shane Koyzcan perform his poetry at the Sydney Writers Festival several years ago, and the poem 'Visiting Hours' still reverberates around my mind sometimes. Now he's done a TED talk, with his beautiful and animated poem on bullying and survival and beauty. If his voice seems weird and high-pitched in that official video, try this one. Share either amongst your people.

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