Saturday, April 6, 2013

Dear Boy (15 months)

Dear Boy,

You are now 15 months old and have almost completely morphed from baby to little boy.

You started walking at 13 months, your first steps taken at childcare (but apparently they don't count because I didn't see them). After that, it only took a day or two and you were off, two steps, three steps, five steps and gone. You started standing up by yourself, without pulling up on anything, at 14 months. Before that you would fall and then crawl with great haste to the nearest leg, chair, cupboard, wall, table to get back up and into it again. You are now trying to negotiate steps, which has left you with quite a few bumps and scrapes, but you're figuring it out. Slowly, slowly.

You are a chatterbox. You've learned the word 'yuck' - after hearing me saying it often enough when you put strange things in your mouth. You've extrapolated it though, so now anything stuck on your hands is 'yuck'. You thrust them out, expecting me to wipe them for you. I am hoping that's not an OCD thing. Favourite word in the world is 'car'. Anything with wheels or transports something from A to B is a 'car', especially trucks and trains. When we go walking in the pram, your little finger is permanently stretched out, pointing to cars and buses and trucks and trains whizzing past. Clever little chicken that you are, though, you've also figured out that 'car' is the sound the crows make. You chirp back 'car, car, car' when they squawk from the power lines and the treetops. The magpies sing a different tune 'aw-loo-loo, aw-loo-loo'. Other words you've mastered (in context) recently are 'more', 'door', 'key' and 'don't' (scarily accompanied by a wagging finger - errr where did that come from?). Other things you can communicate, although the words are a bit mushed are: 'bow-ool' (bottle), 'mool' (milk), 'barr' (bear), 'bar-bie' (baby), 'mmmmm' (moo), 'na-na' (banana), 'toe' (toast), 'bick-keeee' (biscuit), 'chee' (cheese - although you don't eat it) and 'brrrrrr' (elephant noise). Yesterday you said 'gum-ma', when you spoke into your remote control/phone. That'll make quite a few ladies very happy. There are some 'words' you're using that I still can't translate no matter how often you use them (and you use them a lot): 'aah-me' and 'aah-bee'. Sometimes I think it's meant to be 'mummy', then other times it could be 'yummy'.

You're also saying 'booka-booka' quite a lot but don't always seem to be talking about your books, your other new obsession. We read before sleep and you pick out what you want with the current favourites including the Eric Carle illustrated 'Brown Bear Brown Bear' and 'Panda Bear Panda Bear'; 'Time for Bed' by Mem Fox and just about any book with animals. You carry around your tiny little Mr Men and Giggle and Hoot books like toys, posting them into buckets and bins, chewing on the edges and giving them rides in your trucks.

I'm not sure how it happened but you love your trucks: the plain wooden fire truck that we gave F for his first birthday (and came back to us just before you did) and the half wood/half plastic fire truck that has flashing lights and sirens, and the race car that transforms into a robot (with a wheel clacker that your Dad fixed when it broke). You zoom them around and around the house, wearing holes in the knees of your pants, and crashing them into our feet. You are apparently doing the same thing at childcare too, bringing the cars and trucks with you when the other kids transition from inside to outside or from this game to that one.

At childcare, they moved you up to the toddler room when you started walking (most likely to keep the babies in the nursery safe from being squished under you). You now sleep with all the other kids from 12-2 on a mattress on the floor; you sit in a chair at a table to eat your lunch; you do finger painting and play in the toy kitchen. You aren't so sure about play dough yet but you seem to love sticking things on glue. Your first Easter basket is shedding glitter and craft straw all over the dining room, but we love it. It feels like the start of years and years of trailing home craft projects.

You don't really have a big appetite but you are eating better than you were a few months ago. You have discovered corn-on-the-cob, and will eat anything that's been crumbed and then shallow/deep fried. I am trying very hard to make sure you aren't one of those kids that will only eat chicken nuggets. It's gratifying that you seem to love okonomiyaki. Your favourite snacks are corn puffs and sultanas, although you will devour the bottom half of a hot-cross-bun whenever I grab one from the bakery.

You have nine teeth, including one nasty molar that gave us all hell when it was making its way out. You're in that phase where you're about to sprout a few more: your little cheek has a red spot and you'll gnaw your whole hand if you manage to fit it in your mouth. You're also biting me quite a bit, which is also not a whole lot of fun. I'm sure we'll all come to enjoy your molars in time.

We had a case of hand, foot and mouth a few weeks ago. Although we had to keep you out of childcare, you were such a trouper about it. All in all, I think it was pretty mild, although the spots on your bum were pretty horrendous (turns out it should be called Hand, Foot, Mouth and Bum). Then last week we were hit with Roseola. I think by the end of your childhood, I need to be awarded an honorary MD.

Keep growing up and up and up, my Dear Boy. Your Dad and I can't wait to see what's next.


Your Mum.

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