Sunday, May 19, 2013

An estrogen heavy list of blogs

I scrolled through my Bloglovin' account to find five blogs to talk about. And you know what? Every single one of the blogs I read are created and written by women. All women. Not all of them mums, but quite a few. Please leave me links to great men's/dads' blogs in the comments section if you have any you read regularly.

The following are five of my favourites in no particular order.*

1. Fat Mum Slim - Chantelle's photo-a-day series is what initially drew me over to this blog. My instagram account kept popping up pictures with similar themes, so I went and hunted this puppy down. The blog is lovely. Chantelle is lovely and incredibly generous as a blogger, with lots of giveaways but also sharing what she knows of the industry (is there even a blogging industry to speak of?) and lots of how-to's and tips. She's also Australian. And a mum. And now she's pregnant again. So there's going to be baby pictures soon.

2. Inked in Colour - Sash is a lovely soul with a piercing photographic eye and her blog is awash with heart and wisdom and colour and her gorgeous, gorgeous baby Bo. Sash is one of the mums in my online mothers group, with so many of us bonding together over great and short distances as our baby bellies grew. I met up with Sash and Bo on her recent trip to Melbourne, and it was all too short a time to spend with someone I feel I know so well after all this time. Inked in Colour is the distilled essence of this lovely lady who throws her big heart out to the sky, ready for adventure and wandering the world with her girl. She also makes yummy things to eat and awesome stuff to play with (including Dear Boy's favourite dinosaur tail). We want to come over and play but she lives on the other side of the country.

3. Girls Gone Child - This is probably my longest blog affair. Sometimes I think we should break up. Rebecca seems to be the blogger everyone knows but I never feel I've got a hang of her. She evolves. The blog evolves. The ideas and the focus change. The babies grow up to be cowboys. More babies arrive. But some things stay the same. I love the bare bones of motherhood and marriage that she lays on the table. I love the strange gluten-free veggie recipes her mother posts. I love watching her garden grow and the babies growing in it. I love that she rehashes the embarrassing moments of her youth. I like that she wrote a Chicken Soup for the Soul story, that she edited the teenager's version. She's the kind of mum I want to hang out with at the park.

4. Mighty Girl - Maggie isn't for everyone. I think you love her or you hate her. Me - I want to stand on the sidelines and cheer her on. I do so admire the way she threw her goals out into the world that I'm trying it. I love that she founded Go Mighty and Camp Mighty to help people articulate and realise their goals too. She is a great lesson in not needing to pull others down to build herself up. Helping others achieve their goals, even just reading about them, is inspiring. Secretly, I love her travel outfit series ('Packing Light') the best. I will never, ever wear a romper, but I love that she does.

5. Dinner: A Love Story - Jenny has years worth of noteboks that list every meal she's eaten and cooked. Years worth. She was a working mum ('mom' - she's American after all) and decided to make a commitment to getting a family meal on the table more often than not. She has two picky eater daughters, so she knows sometimes this is an impossible dream. And even though she spent much of her professional life editing foodie magazines like Martha Stewart Living, Bon Appetit and Real Simple, her food looks easy enough to try. She makes suggestions about shopping lists and menus for the holidays and how to deconstruct and reconstruct for the kids without making a whole other meal. And in between there is a family who likes food and travelling to the beach and reading and having friends come over. There are stories about recipes, which are some of my favourite stories of all.


On an unrelated note, a final note, a sad note. The blogging world (the craft blogging world in particular) lost one of its own  this week. Kathreen Ricketson, who founded, was on a family camping trip of a lifetime, travelling around Australia for a year with her partner Rob and their two kids Otilija and Orlando, adventuring and writing a new book (Family Road Trip - to have been published by Shambala Books). A tragic accident has claimed both Kathreen and Rob, leaving behind their beautiful children, who are now being cared for by relatives.

Otilija & Orlando (image:
I didn't know Kathreen; I'd never come across her blog before. But other crafters that I read have been deeply affected by this loss. A trust fund has been set up for the children and, even if you don't know them either, any contribution (small or large) will help those kids on the long road ahead of them.

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  1. Chubby Chatterbox
    Erik Larson
    Cranky Old Man

    THe links deactivated in the comment box. sorry.

  2. Forgot there are three writing blogs that are by men as well.

    Ask the Agent by Andy Ross
    Ask the Editor by Alan Rinzler
    Nathan Brandford (I cant recall the name of the blog...sorry.)

    1. Thanks for these and the ones above - I'll go and check them out!


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