Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Blogging every day in May: a new challenge

I am linking up with Jenni from Story of My Life, taking on the blog every day in May challenge. With a whole list of daily prompts, I'm going to attempt a little more writing and blogging love in my life this month.

The first of these is 250 word biography, which I thought was going to be easy but surprisingly needing a lot of editing to carve it down to the right size. But that space limitation created something new and different, which I kinda like a lot. 

Me in 250 words or less

I was born in a coastal town.
I was brown from the sun and scabby-kneed.
We became a two-house family when I was six and my parents divorced.
I still hate Sunday afternoons.

When we moved down the coast to the city, we were schooled, we were suburban kids.
We walked home and let ourselves in and did homework in front of the TV.
Our bedtimes grew later.
I had terrible friends.
I smoked and drank and did some drugs.
I graduated.

I did a six month diploma in childcare and took myself off into the world to be a nanny.
I ended up a housekeeper, living a well-paid upstairs/downstairs life for 12 months.
I took a jar full of Pound notes, exchanged them for Francs and Lire and Peseta and Marks and Guilder and Yen and Baht and travelled some more.

I came home and went to uni.
I stayed there through bachelor’s degree, through honours degree, through a PhD by distance, through teaching.
I met Lovely Husband and we moved into a tiny flat above a street full of pubs and restaurants.
We were married in a park overlooking the ocean.
I wore a green dress and he wore cargo shorts.
We both wore thongs.

We moved to Melbourne.
We both found another university.

In the very first days of last year, I gave birth to Dear Boy.
His head was sideways.
The obstetrician wore gum boots.

I am a part-time lecturer.
I am a full-time mum.

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  1. Awesome 250 word bio. You sound like one well educated mumma! Both worldly and academic. V.


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