Sunday, May 12, 2013

I did the Mothers Day Classic fun run and I cried

Next year, I'll be asking for a sleep-in. This year Dear Boy woke at 4:30, at 4:45, at 5:30am and then Lovely Husband's alarm kept ringing at 6:30. Then the baby woke at 6:45 and I had a small piles of presents on my lap at 7. Forty-five minutes later we were on the train.

I did the 4k run of the Melbourne Mothers Day Classic today. The first kilometre was all uphill but halfway up five or six young people were standing there with signs ('Run now, beer later'; 'Smiling makes you run faster'; 'Keep going keep going keep going - that's what she said') and I laughed and ran faster. And I ran the whole way and didn't fall down. I ran it in under 30 minutes. And about halfway I cried because the person in front of me had a message on the back of their shirt that said she was running for those that can't and the lady next to her had one that said she running for her mum and the one next to her was running for her daughter.

I made it to the finishing line, and walked the extra kilometres back to pick up my medal and my sash and Lovely Husband and Dear Boy who were waiting for me. And then I cried again when I went to put my card  up on the dedications wall. There were faces of mums and daughters. A boy was pinning up a card for his teacher.

Breast cancer is a cruel disease. All cancers are. If you can run, if you can donate, if you can volunteer, if you can research: please do.

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