Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My favourite me and mine

Today's prompt is to create a list of links to our favourite posts from our own blog. I'm not sure that these are my most favourite, but it's really hard to scroll through and pick and choose. Firstly, I really need to create more descriptive titles and, secondly, how do you choose when they're all your babies?

I've managed to pick out a few that jumped out at me for some reason or another. These are not in alphabetical order or any real order at all.

1. Formula fed - this post was one of the most difficult to write and that's probably part of the reason why I feel a little proud of it. It still makes me feel raw to read it. 
2. Post-holiday photo dump Part 4 - the surprise ending. 
3. Arrival - The first post after welcoming our Dear Boy.
4. Labour list - I love reading labour stories but I never got around to writing mine down. Just before (or after?) his first birthday I wrote this list of the small things I remember. For some reason the little details mean the most. 
5. You've got to know when to hold them - I'm not a fan of these photos but I am still struggling with this idea of protecting versus letting my boy adventure in the world.
6. The heart of Hoot.
7. Post-holiday photo dump Part 4  - pictures from his strange first birthday where he had a half a party after all the guests fell to gastro one after the other. 
8. Post-holiday photo dump Part 1 - pictures from Dear's Boy's first Christmas, spent at Mama's place at the beach. 
9. This hippo's bum make me feel happy 
10. Things I learned working at a chicken factory - this post was a long time coming but I'm glad I finally got it on the page.
11. Saying the F-word
12. Toot toot - pictures of an afternoon with trains. 

Are your favourites on the list? Would you have trouble choosing your own favourites too?

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  1. You managed to come up with so many! I kept looking through mine and then I figured I wouldn't get the post done on time if I didn't just pick a few! I loved the hippos bum picture! xoxox


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