Saturday, May 18, 2013

New songs on a Saturday morning (621-630)

As part of my ongoing effort to improve the range of my cultural consumption, I'm casting out for new things to listen to. Part one and an explanation of this musical escapade can be found here. You'll need to search for the rest yourselves.

Okay, I may or may not have been watching The Voice (Australia). On all of these types of shows there are songs in the auditions or the battles or the finals that I have never heard before. Completely out of a regular music listening loop, but that's what this little project is for, I guess. This week's list is part The Voice, part catch-up and part search party for something to listen to.

621. Celia Pavey - 'Woodstock' - My folky little heart pounds for this young lady's voice. If I could embed the video, I would five times over.
622. Olly Murs - 'Army of Two'
623. Lloyd (feat. Andre 3000) - 'Dedication to My Ex (Miss That)'
624. Brooke Fraser - 'Arithmetic'

625. Robin Thicke feat. TI, Pharrell - 'Blurred Lines' - I love the song, I do, but the completely stupid film clips made me love it less. The uncensored version full of boobs is just so unbelievably pointless, and even when they're (sort of) covered in the general release video, the lip-licking, the cocked brows, the knowing looks..... bleccch. Don't get me started on the product placement. And stop calling women 'bitches'. Okay, I'm done.
626. Bruno Mars - 'When I Was Your Man' - Haven't heard a song of his I didn't like. This isn't as awesome as some of the others but it's pleasant and sad with a little perfect moment just before the minute mark with the oooh-ooh-ooh's.

627. Madeleine Peyroux - 'I'm All Right' - This lady is a whole lotta Billie Holiday and a smidge of something more modern.
628. Madeleine Peyroux - 'A Little Bit'.
629. Yuna - 'Live Your Life'.
630. Yuna - 'Thinking Boy You'.

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