Thursday, May 23, 2013

School didn't teach me that.

Because of my age - ahem - I didn't learn anything about computers at school. There was a computer subject but I didn't take it. We didn't even have one in our house until after I graduated. Today's writing prompt isn't about what school didn't teach me, though. Rather it's about what schooling won't teach you, more generally. 

That's a tough one for a few reasons. Firstly, what do you mean by schooling? K-12? K-Uni? Secondly, my Catholic school education was probably quite different from public school education here in Australia, and different to a lot of other education systems around the world. Thirdly, are we talking official curriculum or do things you learn in the playground, amongst your friends during that time count? For instance, hello, Catholic school - no contraception education but we certainly all knew what sex and condoms were.

Despite my lack of clarity here, I'm going to compile a little list anyway. It's a list-y kind of day

School won't teach you:
  1. That most teachers aren't actually experts at what they're teaching. You can get a specialisation within a teaching degree doing just a handful of subjects over two years in addition to the actual 'teaching' subjects. And by two years, I'm talking four 12-14 week semesters, not 104 weeks of learning. I'm not sure that qualifies anyone as an expert in maths, science, English or just about anything really.
  2. Much about relationships and how they work or don't work. Or how to get into one or get out of one. Or what to do to keep one going.
  3. How to live.
  4. How to love.
  5. How to deal with what happens after school.
  6. That the HSC or the VCE - or whatever other year 12 system you're in - is not the be all and end all. It doesn't determine the rest of your life. It doesn't really even determine your university career. If your results suck, there are other ways of getting in. Or moving on.  
  7. That 'just' being a mum is okay.



  1. Man, if school would have taught me about relationships and how to love I don't know if I would have known what to do with myself.


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