Monday, July 29, 2013

New Tricks 12/26: Harry Potter origami (sorta)

I've always loved origami. I've known how to fold a crane for years and wile away my time in queues and waiting for people turning old ticket stubs and pamphlets into birds. Someone gave me one of those calendars where you tear off the previous day and there's a new thing to make with the old sheet of paper. I made a chicken that laid an egg. It was awesome.

But I wanted a new challenge. Enter Harry Potter origami. Well. Sorta. It's sorta Harry Potter in that some of the tutorials I used were for Harry Potter specific stuff and others, I just kinda winged it with something approximate.

It's a dragon. Can't you tell? Yeah, me neither. I used this tutorial but was a bit disappointed with how it turned out. Looks more like a broken bird.

I think this Phoenix is better. It's no Fawkes, but a little closer to the traditional phoenix origami in this tutorial

My owl looks like a scowly robin. It looks like the one in the tutorial - but that's a little scowly robin too. 

It's the Golden Snitch! And it actually kinda looks like a golden snitch! It's pretty much a traditional water bomb/balloon origami - but with wings.

So my Dementor won't stand on it's own two feet (errr... whispy gas trail??) but it still looks like a Dementor! The tutorial was a bit difficult to follow especially with the hood section but fudging works too.

And my favourite - the Howler. If I'd had red paper, this would have rocked even harder. The mouth moves and everything. The tutorial was a fairly easy one for traditional kissy lips. Maybe if Lovely Husband was bored we could hook up a little recording like those birthday cards that sing when you open them. Okay, he'd have to be a lot bored.

This little project originally started out as Star Wars Origami, trying to fold up the cutest little paper yoda that I'd had pinned on Pinterest for a little while. I got this far and then my brain exploded. Mainly because the instructions were just diagrams and when there were actual instructions, they were in Spanish - or Portuguese - one or the other but definitely a language I don't speak.

Brain exploded roughly here.

I'm going to get all Doctor Claw for a minute: I'll get you Yoda... next time.

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  1. Is there no end to your talent darling girl? I am very impressed.


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