Thursday, August 8, 2013

Stick and song

Dear Boy has rediscovered his xylophone, which today he was taken to calling 'stick' and 'song'. He carried it around the house, tapping it top and bottom and occasionally running scales up and down and up and down. It's a beautiful tinkly sound running through the afternoon.


In the last few days he's also started singing his own songs, making up lyrics and rocking side to side. There's a lot of "mummmeeee" and "dadddeeeeee" going on, along with the odd "splash", "dinosaur", "doing it" from some of his current favourite tunes.

While I was cooking dinner, he asked me to turn on the CD player, then squealed with delight at the opening strains of lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance'. It might be the "ra ra" or the "oh la la", but he just digs on that song. Don't think I'll be showing him the film clip anytime soon.

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