Sunday, October 6, 2013

4 things that are not fun for a toddler at a park

We're becoming park connoisseurs and have found that many of the newer style parks look fantastically awesome and draw us in, but in reality are designed for big kids and end up being dead-zones for toddler fun. Here are four things that were not fun at the most recent park we visited but are not fun at pretty much any park where they're located.

1. Impossible steps and ladders
2. See-saws that spin and bounce but are too high to get on
3. Rope climbing frames
4. A small house with a climbing-wall roof and nothing inside

This last one was new to us and was briefly of interest to Dear Boy except once he'd crawled inside and stood up there was nothing to see or do.

The park above didn't have them, but I would also add those new toddler swing seats to this list where instead of having a click-on chain to keep the child in place, the seat is shaped like a giant, rubber nappy.

Not fun, park designers. Not fun.

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