Saturday, November 2, 2013

New Songs on a Saturday Morning (791-810)

As part of my ongoing effort to improve the range of my cultural consumption, I'm casting out for new things to listen to. Part one and an explanation of this musical escapade can be found here

It's been a little quiet around here because I've been marking. This felt a little easier pre-child because I could hunker down on the couch, stock up on drinks and treats, and churn through them day and night until they were done. These days there are snatched moments here and there, taking a sneaky fifteen minutes on my laptop (because, of course, assignments are now submitted digitally) while Dear Boy catches up on ABC4Kids and then an hour or two at night before I collapse in a heap. 

This week I got to spend my two peaceful day care/work days holed up in my office, just me and Moodle... and a Moodle outage (If you've never heard of Moodle, it's one of those annoying student/teacher systems for discussion boards that the students don't use, quizzes, files and assignment drop-off - it is almost always broken or buggy). To combat the marking crazies, I downloaded spotify to my computer, found myself a folky station and worked my way through the (digital) pile. 

So this list is heavy with beards and flannel. 

And more banjos than I'd normally have floating around on these lists. 

It's been hard to find links for some of these, so there are a few "fan" videos and live recordings. 

791. The Tallest Man on Earth - '1904' - Very Dylan-esque voice and style. Beautiful tune. 
792. Bob Dylan - 'Call Letter Blues' - Yeah, I prefer the other guy.
793. Of Monsters and Men - 'Dirty Paws' - Can't get enough of these folks.
794. Of Monsters and Men - 'Love Love Love' - I do. I love that they count themselves in in Icelandic but sing in English.
795. Mumford and Sons - 'Roll Away Your Stone' -So much banjo.
796. The Wooden Birds - 'Two Matchsticks' - I like being able to hear fingers slide across metal guitar strings.
797. Iron & Wine - 'Boy with a Coin'.
798. Secret Cities - 'The Park'.
799. Dylan LeBlanc - 'If Time Was For Wasting' - Sweet and gentle. Lovely little piano tinkling in the background. At some point, it morphs into a country song. See if you can pick when.
800. Bon Iver - 'Re: Stacks' - This one just became background sound.

801. Cheyenne Marie Mize - 'Wishing Well' - Beautiful percussion and voice track.
802. Beth Orton - 'Magpie' - Love, love.
803. Noah and the Whale - 'Waiting for my Chance to Come' - This brightened a yuck moment finding a patch of plagiarism in a student assignment.
804. The Lumineers - 'Dead Sea' - Wondering guitar man.
805. Beirut - 'East Harlem' - There's something about the dated quality of this guy's voice that makes me smile.
806. Bobby Long - 'Being a Mockingbird'.
807. The Oh Hello's - 'Lay Me Down' - Hi. I love you. See you again soon. My folky favourite sounds - rollicking guitar and male/female harmonies.
808. Willis Earl Band - 'Monotony' -Yes, there is.
809. Laura Marling - 'All My Rage' - Hilarious, weird delivery. Sorry, made me laugh out loud for all its over-the-top Joni-Mitchell-ness.
810. Laura Marling - 'When Brave Bird Saved' - Better.

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