Monday, June 30, 2014

Meatless Monday: Fennel in the hole

It's been cold. And I've been getting all stodgy and British with my palate this week to try and stave of the winter-blues. So this is a pairing of a classic British dish - the Yorkshire pudding - with wintery, roasted veggies featuring instead of sausages... although if you know of a good vegetarian sausage, that'd work so well here. It's all really simple.
  • Roast your chosen vegetable(s). I used two fennel bulbs (saving the green, leafy tops), then added some capsicum, mushrooms and other bottom of the crisper vegetables later.
  • Sprinkle over herbs or spices. I went with the stripped back fennel fronds and a few bashed seeds, then added some salt and pepper.
  • Pour a little more oil in the tin with the veggies and whack it back in the oven, pumped up to 230 degrees (celcius). You want that oil really, really hot. That's the secret of awesome Yorkshire Pud. 
  • Meanwhile, mix up your Yorkie batter. Mine goes like this: 140g plain flour; 3 eggs; 200ml milk. Whisk that all together. Sometimes I add a smidge of English mustard - don't stone me for a heretic, though, it really gives it a good kick.
  • Pull the hot pan from the oven, try and clump all the veggies in the centre of the pan and then pour the batter all around it (a little over the top too, but if you want it all big and puffy and gorgeous, it needs a little room to breathe). 
  • Get it back in the oven as quick as possible and keep an eye on it. How long it cooks for really depends on the size of the tin. If it's a big'un like mine then it might need 25-30 minutes. If you're using several smaller tins, reduce the time. 
Fennel in the hole (vegetarian) // via Lilybett and Boy

I wish I had a lovely photo of the end result. But by the time it came out of the oven, we were starving and it got consumed before I even thought of the camera. Plus, my end-result pictures are awful in the night-time light of my winter kitchen. And you really, really can't cook a Yorkshire pudding or anything 'in the hole' in advance. This time around, I also can't tell you if this would work with vegan substitutes for egg or milk. Given the glory of it is the lightly golden, puffy batter... you'd need to make sure your substitutes would let it rise. 

Do you have a classic or 'stodgy' recipe for a winter meal? I'm on the look out for more veggie options.

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  1. This looks yummy even if I can't see the end result. Your photos are looking awesome by the way!

  2. Thanks! When the light's good I think the photos are way better. Can't quite bring myself to set up studio lighting in the kitchen to make sure the light's nice for the night time shots.

  3. I've never made yorkshire pudding, or toad in the hole with sausages, but you bet I will be now! I do in fact know quite a good vegetarian sausage that would go well. Thanks for dinner suggestion!


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