Thursday, November 27, 2014

Lumberjack softie with pattern

It's Softies for Mirabel time again and I've been battling my natural urges to leap right into Christmas to put together a few cutie-patootie softies for a great cause.

Last year I shared the Mermaid pattern and tutorial I made. This year, I've gotten all brawny and attempted a Lumberjack. If you're interested in making your own bearded and flanno'd fellow, please feel free to download my free Lumberjack pattern and tutorial (in .pdf format).

The pdf includes the basic pattern with a list of optional extras like shirt cuffs and tattoos. I didn't include the detailing on the denim in that list, but I'm a little in love with it.

 Cute, n'est-ce pas?

Are you making a softie for Softies for Mirabel this year? Give it a go! I'm still a rank amateur in the softie stakes but it's a lot of fun and very satisfying.

The fine print: as always, the pattern is being made available for sharing rather than selling (i.e. non-commercial, not-for-profit use only). Any 'copying' or alterations need to attribute both Lilybett and Boy, creator of the Lumberjack variation, and Emma Martin, who created the original Black Apple Doll pattern (I found that via Martha Stewart).


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! It was fun trying to figure out how it would work.

  2. OMG do your talents know no limits hun? Smart, funny and a clever clogs to boot! xx

    1. Thanks, Sonia. I'm not too sure about talent there given his legs are different sizes and he has some serious saddle-bag thighs going on... and I had to restitch an arm.

      But I'm definitely pleased with his beardy-ness.


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