A life list of things I'd like to achieve, some possible, some long-term. Of course, many of these will need to be updated or reevaluated now Dear Boy has arrived. Having a baby does tend to make some things that much harder...although not impossible. Perhaps we'll add some new ones to include him too.

1. Sing in public
2. Visit all 8 Australian states & territories (New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory)
3. See the sun set over an ocean/sea.
4. See Shakespeare performed in a park
5. Write a novel
6. Have a book published
7. Be awarded a research grant
8. Visit Europe with Lovely Husband and Dear Boy
9. Take Lovely Husband and Dear Boy to meet the family in the UK
10. Visit New York with Helene Hanff's New York books as guide
11. Hail a cab in NYC
12. Teach or research in an overseas university
13. Attend TED (*update* now have TED in Sydney)
14. Be an invited speaker or give the plenary address at a conference/symposium
15. Be a guest/panellist at a writers' festival
15. Host a large family event
16. Enter a short story competition
17. Win a prize in a skill-based competition
18. Do a road trip in the US
19. Lay on a beach on a tropical/Caribbean island
20. Take a singing class
21. Learn to play the guitar (*update* received lessons from Lovely Husband for my birthday. Now I just need to book them)
22. Own a brand new car (or at least one that less than five years old)
23. Own land
24. Make Dear Boy a patchwork quilt before he graduates from cot to bed. (The whole process can be found here)
25. Convince Lovely Husband to do a dance class with me
26. Scuba dive
27. Have a vegie patch that provides enough for a full meal (Delicious!)
28. Take Spanish lessons
29. Take more French lessons
30. Dress up and go to the races
31. Take high tea at the Hotel Windsor with Mama (Lovely afternoon with all the trimmings)
32. Go on a multi-day trek with Mama
33. Buy an artwork and have it framed for the wall
34. Create a recipe book of my favourite things to cook
35. Meet Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
36. Read or attempt all the books on the 'Best books of the 20th Century' list (and don't give up just because there are three James Joyce books on the list) - or find a new list that features more women writers. Currently 19/100
37. Read a new poem once a week for a year
38. Listen to 1000 new songs (A separate list of my favourites can be found here)
39. Read more non-fiction books all the way through, not just dipping in for research. (thank god for Helene Hanff on this one)
40. Hand-make toys for Dear Boy (Owl, turtle, panda, lion, rabbit, dinosaur)
41. Do NaNoWriMo at least once
42. Finish a photo-a-day challenge (Photo-a-day everyday through June 2012)
43. Take a cooking class
44. Get another tattoo
45. Go to a major league baseball or an NBL game in the US.
46. Go to the Olympic Games (as a visitor)
47. Do a half-marathon, do a marathon.
48. Go to Comic-Con (Melbourne Oz Comic-Con was poorly, poorly organised but full of all the freaks and geeks one could hope for!)
49. Get an ongoing position, then work for promotion
50. Try something new everyday for a month. (All my 'something new' posts can be found here)

Christmas 2012 edition
1. Making Christmas Cheer Project - finish 22 days (All my Making Christmas Cheer posts can be found here)
2. Make all the presents for nieces and nephews and other assorted children (Success - except I accidently left the nephews' moustaches at home, so had to do a last minute run to the shop for Hot Wheels)
3. Pack light(-ish)  (Not too bad this year - although the last minute Bubble Wrap suit for my brother was dumb)
4. Make an 'I'm bored' bag for the nieces and nephews (ran out of time because of last minute present making)
5. Make mint patties (Ended up being over 30 degrees each day and there was no way these would survive a trip up the mountain)
6. Make Christmas decorations (Salt dough ornaments and little felt puddings - so cute)
7. Make Dear Boy a Christmas stocking
8. Swim in the ocean as often as possible
9. Wear black as little as possible
10. Don't be anxious, bossy or cranky (Some success here, but with lots of 30 degree + days, there was a little crankiness and with a rampant bout of gastro that felled most of our company, there was a fair bit of anxiety and bossiness)
11. Be flexible, be open, be calm, be happy (Felt we managed a lot more flexibility around Dear Boy's routine - we let him swap between one and two sleeps a day and adjusted his bed-time accordingly)

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