Lilybett and Boy is a personal blog that spans the lifestyle, parenting and education genres, with the intention of keeping us happy, healthy and entertained.

As a mum to an inquisitive toddler, I am always on the look-out for great opportunities to engage my family's hearts and minds and hands. We read; we craft; we play; we hang out at home; we take to the world and have adventures big and small. We currently live in Melbourne, Australia but often travel interstate.

As a communication and media academic, a freelance writer and former broadcast journalist, I can offer interested individuals or organisations a love of words and a critical mind as well as my experience writing for a range of demographics on a variety of topics including news bulletins, performance and product reviews, categorical overviews, cultural analysis and original research on the creative industries (I'm also great with deadlines and working within strict word counts... timing broadcasts down to the second will do that to you).

Lilybett and Boy currently offers one-off or ongoing relationships with individuals or organisations through:
If you would like to work together to promote a product, brand, service or event that you feel would suit Lilybett and Boy's family or academic market, then please email me at lilybett [at] gmail [dot] com for rates and to discuss your ideas. 

The fine print: This blog abides by word of mouth marketing standards that depend upon honesty of relationship and opinion. As such:
  1. All sponsored posts and advertising will be clearly marked; 
  2. Any wording derived directly from the sponsoring individual or organisation (through marketing material or press releases, etc) will be clearly marked as a quote rather than passed off as my own words;
  3. All opinions are my own, although topics may be influenced by sponsoring individuals or organisations;
  4. I do not accept sponsorship from individuals or organisations that promote violence or inequality through their practices or products;
  5. I make no claims to expertise in any areas other than parenting my own child and that garnered through my officially recognised qualifications (Cert IV in early childhood; BA(Hons) in Communication and Media; PhD in Communication);
  6. I use de-identified names for myself and my family in order to protect my son's identity (images of his face are never used in conjunction with his real name);
  7. I do not identify or trade on the names of the academic organisations where I am employed;
  8. This blog does not contain any content that might present a conflict of interest.

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