As part of my ongoing effort to improve the range of my cultural consumption, I've been casting out for new things to listen to. My exposure to new music seems to have been quite limited in the last few years. Although I have the radio on in the car and catch bits and pieces as I drive to work, to the gym, to do the grocery shopping, there's not a lot of music that fits into those brief jaunts. For a while, I've been culling new music from the soundtracks of TV shows and movies that I've seen or just waiting for Lovely Husband to find more of his lady-singers (whether wispy and retro) and shuffling them into my playlist. Now I'm going to cast about, follow links and generally be more pro-active in my search for something I like.

This project has taken almost three years to complete. But I figure there was a baby in the middle there and it's not always easy to listen to something new and/or blog about it when that happens. That whole baby brain thing is no myth. 

This page is a round-up of my favourites, which I'm planning on culling a little more and then turning into a proper playlist on You Tube or some other music program. The whole shebang can be found by searching for the 'New Songs' keyword or going here (where I've done it for you, you lazy sods). I'm going to keep listening to these and trim the list even further until I have just the very best I've heard left.

Not sure what this list of favourites says about my taste or even if there is a discernible taste in there. Perhaps you think I have no taste. Eh, doesn't bother me. The comments are the originals from the posts. Boy, do I start to repeat myself when it's all in one big list like this.

2. War Paint 'Billie Holiday' (c/o Girl's Gone Child) - The way these ladies harmonise is divine.
11. Jason Mraz - Plane (via Mighty Girl): Sweet-arse broken hearted love song
12. Adele - Someone like you: Love this but it certainly didn't help my mood any when I was spluttering over the final scenes of the final episode of Secret Diary of a Call Girl.
13. Adele - Rolling in the Deep: God, her voice is awesome.
17. Cheap Trick - Surrender: Heard this on the radio in the car three times in the space of a week. The chorus gets me every time.
24. Tori Amos - 'Winter'
33. Mumford & Sons - 'The Cave' - 'Little Lion Man' was all cranky sweetness and people kept sending me copies knowing I'd like it.
34. Mumford & Sons - 'White Blank Page' - Awesomeness from the Bookshop Sessions.
35. Mumford & Sons - 'Winter Winds'. 
40. Kate Nash & Billy Bragg - 'A New England/Foundations'. Turns out I'm also a sucker for a duet. 
59. Oh Land - 'Sun of a Gun' - This one is even more catchy.
61. Nikki & Rich - 'Dreaming'
64. Yael Naim - 'New Soul'
66. Imogen Heap - 'Hide and Seek'
67. Oh Land - 'We Turn It Up'
68. Lenka - 'The Show' - come a long way since Cheez TV!
69. Ash Koley - 'Don't let you feet touch ground'
88. Hugo - '99 Problems' - and I betcha ain't one. Awesomely swampy
100. Little Red - 'Rock It' - Sweet little Australian outfit.
102. Chromeo - 'Night by Night' - electrofunk duo, making me think of sad little eighties clubs. But in a good way. The talk box rocks.
104. Chromeo - 'Fancy Footwork'
111. Washington - 'Sunday Best'. 
117. Seeker Lover Keeper - 'Even Though I'm a Woman' - three awesomely wonderful Australian women, songwriters, singers and magic makers, taking turns writing and singing each others songs. Wishing I could find a copy of 'Rest Your Head On My Shoulder' where all three sing.
119. Seeker Lover Keeper - 'Light All My Lights' - with Barry Otto miming. What a lovely, weird man. 
141. One EskimO - 'Kandi' - This song was playing on some show I flicked to, channel surfing aimlessly. It stuck, hard, in my brain, and I scribbled the lyrics on the back of an envelope.
143. Candi Staton - 'He Called me Baby' - But I'm fairly sure this is the origin of the One EskimO sample. Same incredible voice.
156. Pearl and the Puppets - 'Because I Do' - Even sweeter.
160. Paolo Nutini - 'Pencil Full of Lead' - the face and voice don't match but this song is catchy (and it doesn't really matter anyway when they use claymation in the filmclip).
163. Paolo Nutini - 'Jenny, Don't Be Hasty' - This sounds very familiar and it's altogether possible I've heard it before, probably from the tiny speakers of the portable CD player on the kitchen bench at Dad's place in the country.
173. Tegan and Sara - 'Call It Off'- gorgeous.
203. Tristan Prettyman and Jason Mraz - 'Shy That Way' - God, this pair are brilliant together.
220. Gotye (feat. Kimbra) - 'Somebody That I Used to Know'.
236. Neil Young - 'Sweet Joni' - I don't care what Lovely Husband thinks; his ballads are heavenly.
244. OK Go and the Muppets - 'Muppet Show Theme Song' - excellent remake.
257. Florence and the Machine - 'What the Water Gave Me' - Her voice is mesmerising as always.
263. Avalanche City - 'Love Love Love' sweet little song.
266. The Paper Kites - 'Bloom' - okay, this wasn't on the list but linked from somewhere else. Couldn't resist. This is lovely. 
270. Kimbra - 'Good Intent' - God, she's good.
281. Ed Sheeran - 'Small Bump' (Acoustic). Love his cute ranga joke.
285. Ed Sheeran - 'Wayfaring Stranger' - fantastic!
286. Johnny Cash - 'Wayfaring Stranger' - also fantastic.
290. Neil Young - 'Long May You Run' - caught this during the week and it stuck with me.
291. The Black Keys - 'Lonely Boy' - Love the guitar in this; not so sure about the guy dancing.
325. She and Him - 'In the Sun' - Love the way Zooey Deschanel sings. Weirdo.
328. Villagers - 'That Day' - sweet.
330. Zooey Deschanel & Joseph Gordon Levitt - 'What are you doing New Years Eve?' - Love, love, love this glorious duet.
336. Kina Grannis - 'The One You Say Goodnight To' - even better than the last one. Am a sucker for claps and clicks.
337. David Choi & Kina Grannis - 'The Way You Are' - Duet with ukelele. Lovely.
340. Regina Spektor - 'All The Rowboats' - Strange and lyrically captivating.
341. Brett Dennen - 'Ain't No Reason' - love this guy's sound, his style.
343. Brett Dennen - 'Comeback Kid (That's My Dog)' - gorgeously upbeat.
344. The Lumineers - 'Ho Hey' - love, love, love. Beautiful folky sweetness.
345. The Lumineers - 'Flowers in Your Hair' - Great travellin' beat.
353. Dry the River - 'No Rest' - It's a moment, one of those sweet, sweet musical moments, when he keens 'I loved you in the best way possible'.
358. Alabama Shakes - 'Hold On'. She's awesome.
371.Si Cranstoun - 'Rise and Shine' - Wonderfully cheery, but feeling sorry for the poor mugs on the train who probably weren't asked if they'd appear in the video.
383. BOY - 'Little Numbers' - Delightfully upbeat piano.
384. BOY - 'Waitress' - wonderful little lyrical vignettes.
385. BOY - 'Drive Darling' -more loveliness, especially around the chorus.
407. The Salvadors - 'Merrily' - Love me a little xylophone. Loving the marching snare drum.
414. Dawes - 'Time Spent in Los Angeles' - Love, love, love.
441. The East Journey - 'Songs of the Arnhem Land' - Such a great, cheery way to start the weekend after stumbling out of bed, still bleary eyed from a dreadful night with Dear Boy. Great sound.
450. Washington - 'How to Tame Lions' - Love this lady. So... so... hmmm... just so, I guess.
453. Xavier Rudd - 'Bow Down' - Man gets a little preachy preachy about the earth but love his didge-laden tunes.
458. San Cisco - Rocket Ship - weird but I like it. Love thepicture of Bon Scott painted into the underpass.
468. Aloe Blacc - 'If I' - Yeeeessss! A little Bill Withers going on.
469. Aloe Blacc - 'I Need a Dollar' - Loving this guy's voice when he does this kinda song. 
474. James Vincent McMorrow - 'Higher Love' - Not technically a new song, but a lovely, stripped back cover.
477. Mykonos - 'Fleet Foxes' - Lovely Husband just called out from the kitchen that he loves this song. He's telling me a story about Rage and Denmark while cooking a risotto. It sounds terribly familiar to me but I don't think I've ever listened to it the whole way through before. 
478. Mumford & Sons - 'Timshel' - Glorious and sad and hopeful.
497. The Heavy - 'What Makes a Good Man' - Funky, gravelly, slick and awesome.
571. Fun - 'All the Pretty Girls'
572. Fun - 'Why Am I The One' - Loving the anthemic folkiness of these guys.
576.The Reubens - 'My Gun' - Love.
577.Mumford & Sons - 'I Will Wait' - Love too.
583. Impossible Odds feat. Georgia Corowa - 'Everything' - Australian hip hop vocal in this gets me.
584. Cub Scouts - 'Pool' - Fun in the sun. Silly but so, so catchy.
586. The Staves - 'Winter Trees' - Lovely folky ladies.
588. The Staves - 'Mexico' - More loveliness.
589. The Staves - 'Motherlode'
590.  The Staves - 'Tongue Behind My Teeth'
601. Sam and the Womp - 'Bom Bom' - Oh so catchy, thanks for getting that stuck in my head, Kmart.
602. Lorde - 'Royals'.
621. Celia Pavey - 'Woodstock' - My folky little heart pounds for this young lady's voice. If I could embed the video, I would five times over.
625. Robin Thicke feat. TI, Pharrell - 'Blurred Lines' - I love the song, I do, but the completely stupid film clips made me love it less. The uncensored version full of boobs is just so unbelievably pointless, and even when they're (sort of) covered in the general release video, the lip-licking, the cocked brows, the knowing looks..... bleccch. Don't get me started on the product placement. And stop calling women 'bitches'. Okay, I'm done.
627. Madeleine Peyroux - 'I'm All Right' - This lady is a whole lotta Billie Holiday and a smidge of something more modern.
631. Kat Edmonson - 'Lucky' - Another of Lovely Husband's lady voices that make me turn around and watch his computer over his shoulder.
637. Charles Bradley - 'Strictly Reserved for You' - A little bit of soul, a little bit of funk and completely anachronistic. This guy needs to be played on a radio or a record player. But me and my boy still slide around the living room when it comes silky smooth from my laptop.
639. Laura Mvula - 'Green Garden' - The claps, the radio-saturated voice, the backing vocals, the lyrics. Love, love, love.
647. Busby Marou - '5 Rocks' - Love the subtle harmonies of this duo.
648. Busby Marou - 'Biding My Time'. 
649. Busby Marou - 'Save Some for the Others' - Australian accent shines through in this one with some of that blues harp and Fender Telecaster that sounds like childhood for me.
652. Spencer and Atwood - 'Trek' - The full version of the song from the Emirates 'Hello Tomorrow' ad). Gorgeous song.
666. ZZ Ward - 'Put the Gun Down' - from the ooh-ooh-oohs to the drop off ending. All good.
674. Delta Rae - 'Bottom of the River' - Swampy delta goodness.
691. April Smith and the Great Picture Show - 'Movie Loves A Song' - Oh my goodness. This song is exactly why I started this project so many, many months (years?) ago. It's listed in various places as folk rock and indie pop but I'm not altogether sure it's any of those things but then I'm sure it's all of them. It's that modern folk that abounds these days but less woodsy and more girly. April Smith's voice is lovely - just wait for that note at the end.
701. ABC and Achoo! Bless You! - 'Hoot! Hoot! It's a Lovely Day' - Not sure how I've missed it until recently but have fallen in love with this tune from Giggle and Hoot.
704. Achoo! Bless You - 'Necessary Space' - Gorgeous soft little xylophone. Love his lyrics; love her voice.
706. Zee Avi - 'Bitter Heart' - This little baby tinkled its way out of my speakers after opening a flurry of webpages. It took me almost the whole song long to find which page had it on auto-play, and by then I was delighted. All simple sweetness with a gorgeous trumpet solo.
711. Polly Scattergood - 'I Am Strong' - Quirky and cute -just need to wait for the middle of the song for the good stuff.
717. Lucy Spraggan -'Mountains' - Thanks for recommendation You Tube - you finally got one right. Gorgeous.
718. Lucy Spraggan - 'Lighthouse' - Foot-stomper.
721. The Staves - 'Facing West' - I've already included four of these lovely sisters' songs on my list of favourites, but Girls Gone Child recently posted this little piece of magic, and I'm so captivated by the harmonies. I immediately want to learn ukelele.
722. Lucy Rose - 'All I've Got' - Her high notes are heavenly. Gorgeous arrangement for the Beatnik Sessions.
723. Lucy Rose - 'Middle of the Bed' - Little more beat than the last. Still loving her tone.
727. Lucy Spraggan - 'Last Night (Beer Fear)' - Bahahahaaaaa.
728. The Paper Kites - 'Featherstone'. Lovely.
731. Lily and Madeleine - 'In The Middle' - Two young ladies, a guitar and sweet, sweet harmonies.
732. Lily and Madeleine - 'Back to the River' -
733. Lily and Madeleine - 'These Great Things' - Her voice... and her voice too. The tones, the phrasing... amazing.
740. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - 'Home' - Massive ensemble band. Love, love, love. Thanks, Lovely Husband.
741. Of Monsters and Men - 'King and Lionheart' - Sounds so similar to the previous hits but I'm sold anyway.
745. Mumford & Sons - 'Hopeless Wanderer' - Gorgeous piano intro. His voice is as deliciously sad as always always. Hilarious video with Jason Bateman, Ed Helms, Jason Sudeikis and Will Forte instead of the band.
763. First Aid Kit - 'Wolf'- For some reason this sounds like California to me, California and a dash of a country yodel. Weird combination, I know, but it works. Thanks to Girl's Gone Child for leading me in this direction. 

764. First Aid Kit - 'Emmylou' - Way more country than 'Wolf' but that chorus is a gorgeous cry and tribute.
765. Emily and the Woods - 'It Was Right There' - So gorgeous. Some of these lady voices are starting to sound the same, this beautiful harmony of lady voices on both sides of the Atlantic and the Pacific. But they're all still gorgeous. This one is particularly lovely with the simple acoustic guitar accompaniment. 
769. The Staves (feat. Keaton Henson) - 'Icarus' - Holy moley. What a combination of gentle voices - male and female.
770. Keaton Henson - 'Sweetheart, What Have You Done To Us?' - I'd love it for the title and beard alone. But the rest is so sad and sweet. A touch too James Blunt in places, but the title and the beard make up for it. 
790. Peter and Kerry - 'I Don't Know' - She's lovely and powerful and delicate. He's pretty good too. Sweet lyrics: "I would have asked you there and then to marry me...".
791. The Tallest Man on Earth - '1904' - Very Dylan-esque voice and style. Beautiful tune. 
793. Of Monsters and Men - 'Dirty Paws' - Can't get enough of these folks.
794. Of Monsters and Men - 'Love Love Love' - I do. I love that they count themselves in in Icelandic but sing in English.
795. Mumford and Sons - 'Roll Away Your Stone' -So much banjo.
796. The Wooden Birds - 'Two Matchsticks' - I like being able to hear fingers slide across metal guitar strings.
802. Beth Orton - 'Magpie' - Love, love.
804. The Lumineers - 'Dead Sea' - Wondering guitar man.
807. The Oh Hello's - 'Lay Me Down' - Hi. I love you. See you again soon. My folky favourite sounds - rollicking guitar and male/female harmonies.
813. The Preatures - 'Is This How You Feel?' - Triple J Unearthed alumni. I like them.
814. Betty Who - 'Somebody Loves You' - Oh my god. This is so fantastically 80s with a touch of Janet Jackson's 'Miss You Much', no? The Australian accent kills me. Took me a minute or two to realise it's the song used in the Home Depot flashmob proposal I linked to a few weeks ago.
818. Highs - 'Summer Dress' - Amazeballs.
826. Sheppard - 'Let Me Down Easy' - I'm half sure I've already included this on the list. But only half.
827. Sheppard - 'Something is Missing' - Lovely accoustic session. Harmonies are incredible. And though their other song has more recognition value, this is near perfect execution. Oh lord, the harmonies.
828. Elle King - 'Good To Be A Man' - Holy banjo and a lady dressed up as a redneck! Double exclamation marks!!
829. Elle King - 'I Told You I Was Mean' - A voice full of razors and gin.
830. Elle King - 'Playing for Keeps' - Still good. The full backing on this takes it to a new level.
831. Lily Allen - 'Hard Out Here'- Hilarious. And disturbing that she's singing all this with her high-pitched girly voice. I especially love the balloon parody of Robin Thike's 'Blurred Lines'.
832. Pentatonix - 'Daft Punk' - So... this is an a cappella group, who've done a medley of Daft Punk tunes. It's actually... really... kinda... great. But then I'm an a cappella fan. 
833. Pentatonix - 'Royals' - They've also done this. It's pretty great too, although a little odd see a guy sing with a voice so similar to Lorde's.
864. Tim Freedman - 'Maybe This Christmas' - I can also watch him play piano all day long.

837. Gossling - 'Monday, Tuesday Wednesday' - Holy Moley. It's been bugging me since last week where I heard her voice before... and well looky here. Woolworths. Who knew.
862. Tex Perkins and Clare Bowditch  - 'Fairytale Of New York' - Holy moley. Weep. And dance. And laugh. And weep.
863. Tim Freedman and Angie Hart - 'River' - This is one of my favourite Christmas-y tunes and these guys do it so well. I could listen to those opening bars all December long.
890. Regina Spektor - 'My Dear Acquaintance (A Happy New Year)' - Lovely, lovely, lovely.
898. Okkervil River - 'Listen to Otis Redding At Home During Christmas' - Besides the great name, this song is delicious and sad.
922. Vance Joy - 'Playing with Fire' - Love this.
931. Passenger - 'Let It Go' - Ummm can't believe this hasn't made it onto the list already. I've been hearing it for a while and kept assuming it was on a New Songs list weeks and months ago. 
965. Sara Bareilles - 'Stay' - Fingers sliding on the guitar strings. Beautiful.
970. Grace Potter and the Nocturnals - 'Paris (Ooh La La)'.
979. Etta James - 'I'd Rather Go Blind' - Dim the lights and watch them play off ice in your glass. 
980. Amy Winehouse - 'You Know I'm No Good' - Poor Roger Moore. What did he ever do?

992. Ollie Murs - 'Dance With Me Tonight' - Lovely. I want to do a little twist with my boy.
994. Nina Simone - 'Ain't Got No... I've Got Life' - That voice. This song. P.S. I want her guns.
1000. Tim Minchin - 'Feel Like Going Home'. Unexpected but just what I wanted.

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